Our Story

Art Supply is a creative studio. 

Our guiding principle is simple:  do great work. 

We strive to bring transparency and collaboration to both the creative and production process.   

Our mission is to provide a seamless, superior production experience for our clients.  

In our studio, our dedication to quality and integrity influences what we do and who we are.  

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Jenn Dewey-Rudd, Partner

Jenn is an Executive Producer and Creative Partner. Over the span of her career, Jenn has contributed to feature films, television series, and hundreds of television commercials and brand campaigns.

David Hulin, Partner

David is an Emmy Award-winning Animation Director and Creative Director. With 20 years of experience working at the highest level of Film, TV and commercials, he can make anything possible!


Sumer Zuberi,
Head of Production

As a Chicago native, Sumer got her start in the music industry, and from there moved into production, visual effects and animation. She’s passionate about telling stories, spending time with her not-so-small family, and traveling.

Joel Todaro,
EP-Live Action

Joel is a commercial, content and print line producer with over 2 decades of experience working with a multitude of clients, ad agencies and production companies.   Joel has produced a plethora of jobs, ranging from cars, comedy, fashion, food and many categories in between.

Our Partners