Jenn Dewey-Rudd, Partner

Jenn is an Executive Producer and Creative Partner. Over the span of her career, Jenn has contributed to feature films, television series, and hundreds of television commercials and brand campaigns.

Having worked as a creative producer for over two decades-she understands the link between creativity and business, and knows how to inspire creative teams to elevate and celebrate brands.  She believes that infusing and promoting empathy, collaboration, bravery and resilience in Art Supply’s ethos is what makes us uniquely suited to take on any creative challenge. 

Jenn has worked with such global brands as GE, Verizon, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Lincoln and BMW-as well as branding campaigns for Viacom, A&E Networks, and the Walt Disney Company.

She gives back to the advertising and design community by working with the charity D&AD to run an advertising camp in New York for a diverse group of young creatives who want to break into the creative industries but lack a formal art education.

Jenn believes that curiosity is a virtue, that the magic lies in the details and that inspiration can often be found in the most unlikely of places.



David Hulin, Partner

David is an Emmy Award-winning Animation Director and Creative Director.

Trained as a traditional animator, he turned to CG after his post-graduate studies, and subsequently went on to found Framestore New York’s CG department in 2004.  David has contributed to award-winning projects such as Harry Potter and Dinotopia and has been instrumental in creating some of the most iconic animated characters in advertising.  

Directing, supervising, and developing cutting-edge and award-winning animated projects for any platform-his clients have included GEICO, Pepsi, FedEx, GE, Time Warner, Samsung, and M&Ms.

David’s love of storytelling and passion for bringing images to life comes across in every creative challenge he meets. He’s also shared his passion for over a decade with the next generation of Animators and VFX artists, as an adjunct professor at The School of Visual Arts in New York.

It was Albert Einstein who once said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.  

Collaborating and creating at the intersection of art, story and technology are truly where David feels most at home.